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  • Hi Sean!

    This was excellent! I learned about list segmentation, which I had not tackled yet. Also, you explained what some of those buttons mean. I didn’t know that you could get reasons for why people unsubscribe and why messages bounce – the GR rep only directed me to part of the info.

    • Hi Anubha,

      Thank you! List segmentation can mean many different things, but being able to know what part of your list you want to retarget can easily increase response rates and income without much extra work 🙂


  • Dear Mr, Sean,

    Thanks so much for this training, I have to listen to it several times to get lilttle bit of its content.


  • Sean,

    First, thank you for the great training.

    I find that I’m experiencing a bit of a “forest-for-the trees” syndrome in IM.
    It would be great for someone to offer a video suggesting a sequence of steps for someone who is just starting an Internet business.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Jack,

      You are very welcome, I’m so glad you have found it useful!

      The video I created here: https://convert411.com/blog/6-figure-online-business-blueprint/ is pretty close to what you are talking about but I believe you are meaning an almost “over the shoulder, watching what someone does to get started in this business. If this is the case, I’m in the final steps of creating an over the shoulder video course that should be available fairly soon. I’m just putting some of the final touches to it. If that is something you might be interested in feel free to email me at sean@convert411.com and I can give you more information.


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