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  • Mr. Sean, I’ve listened to you twice; as always I loved the training and I am very grateful for the new information. Yet, I do not see myself master this business.
    Thank you very much. Everything seems simple the way you put it. Thanks again and best wishes.


    • You are very welcome, I’m so glad you liked it.

      It took me quite a bit of time before everything fell into place but as long as you take a little bit of action each day, it will all come together.


    • Hi Kevin,

      Paid traffic costs can vary greatly. Even on Facebook you can see a couple cents per click up to a couple dollars per click. I highly recommend getting started with Solo Ads where the cost per click is regulated and you are getting highly targeted traffic. You will normally be paying between $.60-$1.00 per click with Solo Ads. Clickonomy.com is a great place to get started with Solo Ads.


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