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  • Mr. Sean, I loved this new training, like all the others and I am deeply grateful and thankful. I realize I know nothing about American products. I still do not know most terms you use, URL. Through my Google connection, almost nobody receives my emails, you did not get my email at convert..I

  • cannot try something so unfamiliar. I do not have a credit card. Supposing I knew how to use it, there must be certain laws, rules. I do not have dollars.
    Thank you once more for your great training and generosity.

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Mirela,

      Have you tried using a different email service like Yahoo Mail?

      It is possible that your Gmail address has been blacklisted so trying a new email address might increase your deliverability.

      Thank you for all your comments and continuing to learn and working to build your business.


  • Hi Sean,

    Could you please explain a little more how to figure out a budget? I left mine the default $5 a day, but I guess I’m only guaranteed 5 clicks or something… Thank you so much!

    • Hi Matt,

      If you are not getting clicks, that usually means that you are in a very competitive niche and people are paying more per click. It sounds like you have set it correctly, but you can try different types of ads to see if you get more clicks (i.e. sideboard vs. newsfeed). To really see what your cost per click and new subscriber is, you might have to turn up your cost per click a little higher for a period of time to get good data.

      I hope this helps but let me know if there is anything else I can help with.


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