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  • Dear Mr, Sean May,

    I am always very fascinated by everything you say, and again cannot thank you enough for trying to change my life into a dream with your training. But for me all the words are Chinese. You tink I am Einstein? I do not know what Opt in pages , rates, outsourcing, split test,

    • Hi Mirela,

      Thank you for your comment.

      There is definitely a different language to this industry but once you have the fundamentals, it all falls into place 🙂


  • Hey sean, great info.thanks. I am a PA student and am still learning the flow of the opt-in to lead capture. but what I really wanted to offer is a tip about your home studio setup.I studied photography over 7yrs. my suggestion is to invest in a basic 2light kit with soft box.2-3hund at BandH.com

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

      Haha, yep my setup is very amateur 🙂

      I have been looking to purchase a nicer setup for a while. Thank you for the recommendation!


    • Hi Carin,

      I apologize, I’m not quite sure what you mean by using Clickbank or JvZoo.

      I do promote products from those two sites but LeadPages has their own Affiliate system.


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