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  • I think you are a genius. I can’t thank you enough for your precious training, but I do not understand how I can do it too. This is too specialized for me. I do not know the terms, I do not see very well the small letters, my Google connection does not go to Twitter and other addresses, I only know

    • Hi Mirela,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      I’m not sure of all the rules of other countries when it comes to this type of business but most of the fundamentals should be very similar.

      If you run into a specific issue, I can try to look into and see if there are any workarounds.


  • to use email and search different subjects, people, music. Instagram, Pinterst (I don’t know if I spellt correctly) do not exist or other American addresses.
    I do not know the products.
    Thanks also for the beautiful parable. Best wishes, Mirela

  • if we cannot buy wp profit builder right now can we tell someone to make an opt in page on fiverr?Does it work ?

    • Yeah, you can definitely buy a gig on fiverr to have someone create an opt-in page for you. You can either have them create an html version or I believe that some of the people on fiverr will also create opt-in pages with WordPress. Most of them will connect it with your autoresponder as well for another $5 or $10.


  • Could you let me know the profitable niches to go in . How much time and money is needed to get to $ 10000 a month?I am ready to invest 4-5 hrs each day

    • The easiest and most profitable niches are internet marketing, business development (biz op), weight loss, health and wellness, personal development, trading and investing and dating and relationships. All of these have a lot of great information and you will always have new content to write about. It is very difficult to give an exact dollar figure or time amount. When I started investing in traffic, I spent over 10k in the first month and was able to get to $10,000 in a month within a couple months but I had Anik Singal as my mentor that I could reach out to on a daily basis, so it just really depends. If you are ready to dedicate the time and money to this business, I know you can be successful with it.


  • Are you in any other niche except internet marketing?You spent $10000 on facebook or some other traffic source ?I would like to learn more from you because I saw you in anik singal’s product promotion video . Could you help me more regarding the process and the traffic methods.

    • I’m also in the personal development niche. I originally spent $10,000 on solo ads. I highly recommend using solo ads if you are in a niche like; personal development, health and wellness, internet marketing or dating and relationships. It is really easy to get higher conversions and build a list quickly. I recommend you check out Clickonomy.com, which is a solo ad marketplace and check out some of the sellers on there to get a feel for what is available. I hope this helps.


    • I will definitely try to create more content soon to help as much as I can when you are building an online business. Do you have a particular topic that you have questions about?


  • I know facebook marketing I mean how to get the traffic on the facebook pages but I don’t know retargeting on the site. Retargeting with perfect audience and ad roll. Soloads is a very expensive way to get people on the list . Do you teach retargeting?

    • Hi Harshita,

      I am actually just learning about retargeting and putting it into practice. Once I have a better grasp on it I will try to create a new video for Facebook traffic and retargeting 🙂


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